Cryptocurrency Review | Is Doradus Still paying?

In this article we will take a closer look into Doradus and, we will try to explain everything that's important in this review.

What is Doradus? review offers financial assistance to companies operating in the space sector, including ambitious start-ups and well-known market tycoons. 

Given that people have constantly gazed at the night sky and daydreamed endlessly about other worlds of enormous and unfathomable scales throughout their existence, the entry of private business into space occurred just yesterday, figuratively speaking.

The pioneers of the private space industry were able to demonstrate that humanity still has every chance to become an interplanetary civilization and has tremendous development potential for the coming centuries, and it only took some time. With the entry of private companies into the space scene, the situation has drastically changed.

By funding ongoing projects or offering materials and technical tools to complete the tasks assigned, we strengthen our collaboration with these businesses. 

As a result, we actively contributed to the financing of the CAS Space and Blue Origin projects, two organizations that up until recently, when the first spacecraft launched space travelers into orbit, were only seen as fantasies and fanatics. And millions of people yearn to attend such a truly magnificent event. Review of their earning plans:


Earns 1.80% daily
Period: 10 day
Min deposit: $1.00
Max deposit: $199.99
Accruals: every hour
The initial deposit returned
when plan ends


Earns 2.13% daily
Period: 30 Days
Min deposit: $200,00
Max deposit: $4999.99
Accruals: every 24 hours
The initial deposit returned
when plan ends


Earns 3.27% Daily
Period: 60 Days
Min deposit: $5000,00
Max deposit: $29 999.99
Accruals: every 24 hours
The initial deposit returned
when plan ends


Earns 5.87% Daily
Period: 100 days
Min deposit: $30 000,00
Max deposit: $300 000,00
Accruals: every 24 hours
The initial deposit returned
when plan ends

As you see in this review of their plans they are actually quite good and, reasonable for the company to achieve.

The earning periods are also quite nice as with the dors you can even start off with as little as $1.00 so it fits every budget and this is something I like about Doradus.

Doradus Minimum withdrawal amounts:

5 DORA for BTC, 2 DORA for USDT(ERC20), 2 DORA for ETH(ERC20), 2 DORA for DAI(ERC20), 2 DORA for USDC(ERC20).

For other currencies, the minimum withdrawal amount is 1DORA. When withdrawing funds, you will see the minimum for the withdrawal of each currency, in the Withdrawal section.

The Doradus affiliate program pays:


1 level-1%
Level 2 – 0.2%
Level 3-0.15%
Level 4-0.1%


Level 1-2.5%
Level 2-0.5%
Level 3-0.2%
Level 4-0.15%
Level 5-0.1%
Level 6-0.05%


1 level-5%
Level 2-0.7%
Level 3-0.5%
Level 4-0.2%
Level 5-0.15%
6 level-0.1%
Level 7-0.05%
Level 8-0.01%


Level 1-8.8%
Level 2-1%
Level 3-0.7%
Level 4-0.5%
Level 5-0.2%
Level 6_0.15%
Level 7-0.1%
Level 8-0.05%

As you see from my review of the affiliate program it all depends on the actual plan your partner or the person you referred chooses.
Example if you refer a person who chooses Ogma, the Ogma affiliate program is what pays you. review Withdraw proof

As you know with many of these programs I have to include a disclaimer:


I hope you liked this review because I really have trust in this company they answer fast and when you do a deposit it reaches fast taking me around 5 min. They have not registered their company in the Uk like other programs but actually registered in the country they operate in so this is very good news.

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