How Qatar won the Bid to Host the World Cup 2022

Qatar’s bid to host the World Cup 2022 was a long and hard journey. They had to get over many obstacles such as the lack of infrastructure and the scorching summer heat. But with the help of some creative ideas, they managed to win the bid, and now have a chance to host one of the most prestigious sporting events in the world.

Qatar’s bid for hosting World Cup 2022 started with an idea that has never been done before – taking football matches outside in stadiums that don't have roofs and playing them during Qatar's scorching summer heat. This idea was called ‘The Middle Eastern Winter.

The Middle Eastern Winter is an idea that Qatar came up with when they were bidding for hosting World Cup 2022. It is a set of games played outside without any roof on top of stadiums in Qatar's scorching summer heat- a first in world football history!

World Cup 2022

Why Qatar's Bid Was so Successful – Financial Reasons & FIFA Allegations

Qatar's bid was successful because of its financial reasons and the allegations of FIFA.

The 2022 World Cup will be hosted in Qatar. The country was chosen to host the tournament for a variety of reasons. Qatar's bid was successful because of its financial reasons and the allegations of FIFA, which is why Qatar will be hosting the 2022 World Cup.

The Draw That Put Qatar in Pot 1 With Argentina, Brazil & Germany – An Unfortunate and Unfair Fate?

The FIFA World Cup draw has left many people feeling unimpressed. The first round of games had some unbalanced groups with teams such as Germany, Brazil, and Argentina in Pot 1. Group A is a perfect example of this. The host country Russia was drawn into the same group as Saudi Arabia, Egypt, and Uruguay.

There are three pots of four teams each that were drawn by FIFA on December 1st, 2017 in Moscow. Pot 1 includes the top seeds: Argentina, Germany, Brazil, France, and Belgium while Pot 2 includes Spain, England, Portugal, and Switzerland. Pot 3 includes Croatia, Nigeria, Iceland, and Panama which is the only team from Central America to qualify for the 2018 World Cup.

This is not an uncommon practice in football tournaments; however, it does seem unfair to have Qatar in Pot 1 with three other European countries that did not even qualify for the tournament (i.e., Portugal).

Fifa World Cup 2022 – What did some players think of it?

Interview with a local player:

Q: How do you feel about playing in Qatar?

A: I'm excited to be here and I think that it'll be a great experience for us because we're going to play against some very good teams. We're going to learn a lot from them and hopefully, we'll get better as well.

Q: What are your thoughts on the stadium?

A: The stadium is really nice, it's not too big or too small, it's the perfect size for me. I think that it's really cool that they have seats in different colors like this because then we can actually find our seats when we come into the game instead of just sitting anywhere which is what happens at games where there aren't any seats like this.

These was just a few pointers to the World Cup 2022 and how it was outlined.

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