My name Is Anders Dakin and I am 35 years old. I got over a decade Experience as a Seller with a demonstrated history of working in the internet industry.

I know allot when it comes to  Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Business Planning, Sales, Keyword Research, and Direct Marketing. Strong sales professional graduated from bachelor accountant. I also have good knowledge into cryptocurrency. I’m always interested in meeting new people.

I have been interested in online marketing since the age of 18 and have successfully built several websites online. It took allot of guess working to be able to find several ways in getting things to work.

I had built a personal business with 89 direct refereed people on my team and generated a steady income. As we all know passively income opportunities are risky to be in but if you find your strong ones with good morals and ethics they will survive the ups and down of the industry. After a few years my leveraged income stopped.

The company I had built from the ground up stopped their business and let me in the dark again. After this I had to take some time off and find out what I wanted to do in life. But I always come back online and I really think its the future of every business.

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Anders Dakin

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