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FreedomDad.net is a website dedicated to giving fathers the freedom to be the parents they want to be.

This site gives fathers access to all of the necessary information, tools, and resources so that they can become more involved in their child’s life while still maintaining their independence. FreedomDad.net has articles on how dads can use technology in order to stay connected with their child, how they can take time off of work for paternity leave, and many other topics relating to fatherhood.

Some people don’t want to spend money on expensive supplies for crafts. However, they still want to make their own crafts without spending too much time. These are some of the things that you can do with everyday objects.

About Freedomdad.net

Paint Chip Coasters: Covering a set of paint chips with Mod Podge gives them a glossy finish and makes them into coasters.

Gumball Machine Lamps: This is one way of reusing an old gumball machine you might have lying around your house or garage. You can turn this into a lamp by filling it up with glow sticks and adding a light bulb inside.

Wall Decoration: Drill two holes on opposite ends of the tube, fill it with rice and hang it on the wall as decoration for your room.

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