Adamatic review – Is it as good as they claim?

Many of you were probably in a program called oneadpack, well they have now started a new program called and in this blog post I will do a adamatic review.

adamatic review

Adamatic review and what they claim on the website is?

The ₳DAMATIC name has been formed by mixing together the name of our main coin  ADA and the word “Automatic”, because of the several different automatic features offered. They are well explained below.

 AutostakingThe money that you leave on your wallet is Automatically qualified for Auto-Staking. Auto-Staking is a unique feature that will make your ADA grow by 6% a year just by holding it on your ADAMATIC wallet. The ADA on your wallet are also automagically compounding but is nevertheless instantly available for you to withdraw.

You will be rewarded every 5 Days, 5 Days is the lenght of a Cardano (ADA) Blockchain Epoch.

I actually think this program has Potential.

I will update this adamatic review in the near future. And if you want to get a premium placement in the program you can join here.

What do users have to say?

My experience with the program so far

This is a new program and you get a platinum membership upgrade for free. This is why I joined. You get also a nice advertising package. Basically, you earn a lot of ADA which you can stake and earn passive income. All you have to do is promote your ref-link to get at least 2 people. Edit: I got a lot more refs recently and also the first payments came in so I could PIF the active people in my downline.

What I Like

  • Free platinum upgrade
  • Welcome bonus
  • ADAmatic Matrix system

What I Dislike

The site could be a bit cleaner and more structured.

Final Verdict

Since you get it for free and even the platinum upgrade can be paid with the internal extra wallet and the earned ADA in it, there is actually no reason why you would not join. Edit: Even if you don't like ADA or the system, you get a nice Ad package when you join to promote your other programs.

Get a FREE premium placement in the program you can join here.

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