Leadsleap Review: The Untold Truth about Leadsleap 4.0

In this LeadsLeap review, we'll teach how you can drive real visitors to your site. Leadsleap is founded by Kenneth Koh and is a highly suggested affiliate marketing tool.
The service we've used, Leads Leap, for around three months at this point.
It's one of the main ways to get people to our website.
With the launch of LeadsLeap 4.0 legit business, We believe this is the right moment to release the Leads Leap review.
This could be the most comprehensive guide to Leads Leap that you'll ever come across.

Let's dive into the Leadsleap review!

LeadsLeap is a lead generation tool, i.e., an application that can aid you in bringing more people to your site or your affiliate advertising promotions.

<-[😀Please be aware YOU Will NOT Need a Credit Card to sign up Free Forever]

LeadsLeap is a five-part advertising network service.

leadsleap review

The components work in tandem to provide you with visitors:

  • Free Advertising
  • Free Marketing Tools
  • Exponential Lead Generation Platform
  • Revenue Sharing
  • product reviews
    upload ebook reports etc

Leadsleap provides FREE Advertising even for free members.

Free traffic source

The first thing you'll do after signing up to LeadsLeap is to create your free advertisement.
It's a simple advertisement that is text with a hyperlink that will take you to your offer.
The ad will appear within the LeadsLeap members' area, the LeadsLeap blog, and throughout more than 4,000 websites run by the members of LeadsLeap.

The advertising platform is based on a credit system. So to be able to display your advertisement, you must click on other users' ads to get credits.
This is why it could potentially cost you $0.

There is a “free member' Link” column in the Members' Area. Simply click on the links to earn credits! There are also links to click inside the LeadsLeap newsletter.

Credits are a great way to display your offer or transform the credits into money. You must be able to accumulate at least 50 credits to cash them. These credits can earn you roughly $0.10.

If you own a website, you may place the LeadsLeap widget on it. The widget will display advertisements of other members on your site. In addition, you'll be credited for the click when someone clicks the widget's link!
If your website is getting an amount of real human traffic, you receive credits on autopilot. There is no need to click!
Of course, you can click on advertisements to earn more credits.

Free Advertising Tools – Free member

  • Email Marketing Tool (Sendsteed Autoresponder)
  • Link Tracker
  • Squeeze page builder
  • Funnel Builder
  • Form And pop-up Builder
  • Traffic exchange

LeadsLeap provides four simple yet highly efficient marketing tools created by professional Internet marketers. Leadsleap gives a free member a way to advertise their business through their traffic exchange. So I hope you like this Leadsleap review of every tool that they include in leadsleap review.

#1: Email Marketing feature

It's an all-inclusive autoresponder program!

There is no need for a monthly cost or to build your list! You can broadcast your list anytime you want.

The most important thing to remember about these tools is that they're free (although certain features are only available to Pro Members).

Generating leads is one of the most important things you can do in yours.
Generating leads helps to establish a relationship between the company and its prospective customers. Email is still a very popular and effective way to get leads. Email lead collection is an important part of email promotion because it helps you gather information from prospects and send them personalized messages about your company’s latest updates and promotions.

Also known as SendSteed, as this might be the most important list management service you will use.

The email autoresponder is called SendSteed and lets you:

  • Grow your list
  • Create your marketing promotion
  • Send out emails regularly (Pro users only)
  • Send emails to several lists at once
  • Keep track of the open rates of your emails
  • Check the rate of click-through on the URLs within each email

In short, you can accomplish everything that other autoresponders can.

#2: Link Tracker

Every serious marketer can't do without link tracking so that they can pinpoint the reason for the clicks on their sites, mainly if those clicks result in opt-ins or sales for their business its good to have tracked the source a sale comes from.

That's precisely the function that LeadsLeap's Link Tracker permits users to do. This might be the most beneficial tool as other services charge much more.

Each link will be able to view:

  • The number of clicks this link received (per day and over a seven-day time frame)
  • The number of clicks has the link received?
  • What number of “real” clicks does the link receive? By “real” clicks refer to clicks that led to the duration of a visit to more than one second (visits shorter than 1 second are often bot-generated)

By putting the number on the confirmation page, you'll determine if your visit led to an action (filling in a form, for instance)

If you're looking for more information, then you can refer to the consolidated statistics, which will provide you with information on the time of every visit, the origin of the traffic, and the nation of birth of your visitors.

#3: Page Builder

You can create landing pages like pro marketers! Select from templates that have been designed, alter the templates to suit your needs, and you'll get the page you want to use in a couple of clicks!

Additionally, the pages built with this system come with the ability to track their pages with their systems. Therefore, you can benefit from the same information as Link.

Here's an example of the page I built using the Page Builder”Passive Class.”

The topping on the cake is that websites can be integrated into a rotator, which could be displayed randomly using one link. You can also mix your landing pages and hyperlinks from Link Tracker within the same rotating system.

You can also upload your files or images and host them.

#4: Funnel Manager

It's an expansion of Page Manager. The Funnel Manager lets you group pages you've made within the Page Manager to create a funnel.

In this case, you'll develop an opt-in form, a thank-you page, and finally, a page allowing users to download your software.

Each of these pages will be placed in the same funnel. Each page will be a distinct URL that you can promote.

You may even share the funnel with people by using a code that each person only needs to input in their funnel to create every page. This is helpful if you plan to share a funnel with someone in exchange for a membership to your list, for instance.

Tool #5: Form/Popup Creator

This program, known as PopupXpert can be used to make attractive popup ads that encourage the user to click the link or complete an application.

Then, you can create animations and have them happen based on the user's actions. For example, when the user wants to leave your site.

It is also possible to link the list to one you've already created to get people to sign up for it.
The statistics are included to track how many people have viewed your popup and how many have taken action (clicking the link or filling out the form).

In addition, a cookie generator is included in the application.

It's a simple referral program. It is similar to a similar referral system; when you recommend anyone to LeadsLeap, you will make him your referrer, and you'll be credited every time he clicks on a link to be able to display his advertisements (or you'll receive a fee if he purchases products via LeadsLeap).
However, the difference is that it runs ten levels deep! If this initial person refers someone else, it will also be your referrer (on Level 2).

As you can see, you have to introduce only a handful of people. You will have hundreds of prospects at your disposal!
Please look at the growth of my downline: Level 1 has 430 referrals. However, levels 2-10 have over 22,000 referrals!
The downline is growing automatically: each week, between 20 and 30 new members join the group without me having to do anything!

Ways you can earn with Leadsleap

Revenue Sharing

There are three ways LeadsLeap distributes its profits to its members:
Daily Earnings: 5-10%
You must browse more than ten times per day to be eligible. LeadsLeap will take 5 percent of its average earnings and divide the sum by the total amount of credits members have earned before multiplying it by the number of credit points you've earned.
If you're a Professional Membership, the earnings will be multiplied by two.
Weekly Earnings: 15-30%.

LeadsLeap offers rewards to those who refer third-party traffic to LeadsLeap advertisements. This is accomplished by using the LeadsLeap widget in your blog or website and sending the traffic through The Real Tracker.
Weekly earnings are based on LeadsLeap's typical weekly income for the past four weeks and what amount of visitors that users bring in during the week.

Leadsleap Affiliate Commissions: 25-50%

You are paid the commission if you direct a referral (Level 1) to upgrade their account to a Pro Membership. These are recurring commissions (as your referral remains a Pro member).

Leadsleap lets you write Social Reviews

You can write a blog post about any program you enjoy and include an affiliate URL to. Then, if someone clicks that link after reading the review, you can refer him to that program. The message is the underlying core of any campaign.

LeadsLeap also has an online business blog where you can get lots of helpful tips to help you improve the effectiveness of your Internet strategy for marketing.
I enjoy the way it's written with precise information, and there are no claims of making thousands in only a few hours.
The icing on the cake is that you can include your link each time you reference the LeadsLeap blog article.

LeadsLeap Premium Membership

Like many websites, LeadsLeap also has a paid membership for upgraded people. For just $27 per month, you'll have your ads running all hours of the day on the LeadsLeap website (member area blog, emails, and member area out to LeadsLeap members) without the need for credits.
Your ads will receive more visibility, resulting in many more clicks without lifting one finger!

My Final Thought On LeadsLeap

I love this platform.

LeadsLeap gives you a distinctive lead generation method and excellent tools with up-to-date, valuable details.
All this at absolutely no cost! If it were my job, I'd be signing up now!
I believe you ought to consider this method not only because it's cost-free, but because it's efficient.

Is LeadsLeap.com legit?

Leads Leap is a website that provides data and tools to help marketers get leads.
LeadsLeap has been around for a while now, so you might be wondering if it’s legit.

If you’re asking this question, then you might want to read on as we review Leads Leap in detail from its various features to how it works and how you can benefit from using the service.

We'll give you an overview of the service, what it does and what others have to say about Leads Leap before giving our own opinion on whether or not the service is legit.

What is LeadsLeap.com?

Leadsleap.com is a marketing tool for everything you need to market online. They give you an autoresponder, page builder, link tracker plus much more. And the best part is it's free.

Is Leadsleap free?

Yes, it is free forever but they also provide pro membership and all of the tools are free.

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